US Tanks Ardennes 1.0

US Tanks Ardennes 1.0



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Date Added:08 April, 2014

Author: Red Octopus GmbH

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Welcome to our Battle Organizing Tool
"Ardennes - the Battle of the Bulge 1944 - US Tank Company"

New to the series, with slight improvements and little more Background information to the company and tanks. This App helps you to quickly organize your US Tank Company for a typical 15mm tabletop game together with the Book "Blood, Guts and Glory" (You need a copy of this book to fully use the content of this App).

Configurate a complete US Tank Company with all needed elements (HQ, Combat Platoons, Weapon Platoons and Support Platoons) and see the total score of points in any change and combination, no limitation in points. List, view and store your company within the Battle-Screen for an upcoming tabletop battle with your friends.

Get your battle forces organized easily!

Just choose your platoons in the configurator tool and build up your company list. Configurate a complete US Tank Company with all needed elements (HQ, Combat Platoons, Weapon Platoons and Support Platoons) and see the total score of points in any change and combination, no limitation in points. Store your current battle list, use it during the game and even mail it to your mail account or to your friends or your GM.

No limits! Built up your company as it is defined within the book but you are not limited to a defined selection or limited to an original combination. You are even free to combine any platoons to any list for a free game and experimental use. Suited for a point range between 500 to 4000 points or even more. Use it with your books and find out your best force setup. Fully compatible to the FoW Rules and gamesystem!


- Mobile Organizer Tool for your battle forces
- Store your battle lists
- Send your lists by email to your account or to friends
- Build up a cool company list and see the points at one glance "œ as well, if you change your points!
- Easy to use configurator for full HQ, full Combat Platoons, full Weapon Platoons, full Support Platoons
- Complete arsenal overview of the force (US) ?- Additonal Information to the company and tanks
- Fully compatible with the FOW rules and gamesystem

About the series "Frontline":

We are very happy to launch this Battle Organizing Tool but it will not be the last in our series "Frontline" for 15mm tabletop games. You can find more details and get more information about this App and of course, about our upcoming products here:

Please feel free to send us your comments and feedback and of course a review in iTunes!
Thank you for your support!

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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